Friday, May 24, 2013


My new favorite word! Praise God I only have "fibroadenoma". Basically a BENIGN mass!!!


A LONG couple of days waiting for the biopsy to occur and ultimately for the results. I still need to monitor myself closely and have the follow up mammograms, but for today CANCER is not a part of MY health and life.


But man, it got me doing so much contemplating and thinking and wondering about how my life would change, how things would be, what would now lie ahead. And ultimately, releasing that control to God, and letting Him guide our path. Not an easy feat for sure.

I have so many things to be thankful for, and yet I forget that from time to time. Nothing like facing the big "C" to give your life some perspective and remember the good God has done in your life!

~I have an amazing husband, loving, kind and generous of his time and gifts. My helpmate that has stood (um sat?) by me in times of need, heartache and female insanity.

~I have a beautiful son, my precious gift, my Sam- "asked of God and given". He's healthy and smart and such a joy in my life.

~I have an amazing family both through blood and through marriage, who support me and love me.

~I have a job and a BEAUTIFUL roof over my head. I have sunrises that sparkle and dance on the lake every morning, and sunsets that blaze the sky every evening.

~I have an everlasting salvation and love of a savior that is beyond what my earthly mind can comprehend.


I urge you to look at the beauty in your life!! Do not wait for the "scare" to evaluate all the wonderful blessings around you. Yes I know I sound all sappy, but hey! Cancer is scary, and it SCARED some sense into me! So I'm offering that sense to you. In all things, GOD IS STILL GOOD...

Have a blessed day in the Lord!

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